Тhis sресiаI kittеn hаs а nеw friеnd whо wоn’t stор hugging аftеr bеing givеn а sесоnd сhаnсе.

Although each cat is unique when it is born, William has a unique face. Due to a congenital abnormality, the bridge of his nose has changed, giving him a slightly smeared appearance. But it hasn’t lessened the size of this kitten’s heart.
When William was barely six weeks old in May 2017, he was brought to a crowded shelter in the rural area outside of Gainesville, Florida.

His chances of being adорted initially appeared slim, but after reading a post about him, a veterinary student made the decision to foster him in the hopes of helping him find a caring forever home.

William found two dogs and a new kitten when he got home. Pit bull Cora, who has fostered numerous other animals that have been successfully adорted, developed a particular fondness for William. She grabbed him by the collar. She was from the same shelter as them.

The relationship between them led William’s foster mother to decide to adорt William as well.

Willliam was still young enough to be readily socialized despite being bashful and filthy. He rapidly adapted to his new home after getting bathed and receiving flea treatment, and has since developed into a healthy, content black-and-white cat. He is friendly and upbeat, unafraid even of big dogs.

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