A large cheetah is captured on camera approaching the face of a man using a wheelchair.

Despite the fact that “the dog is man’s best friend,” many people discover ultimate loyalty in animals they never imagined.

This is what happened to former race car driver Joan Lascorz, who is now confined to a wheelchair after suffering a devastating accident, but who has found true love in a very peculiar cat.


The motorbike accident that a Spanish man named Joan suffered in Italy in 2012, which rendered him wheelchair-bound and unable to move his lower limbs, permanently changed Joan’s life.
Despite this turn of circumstances, the desire to live life to the fullest did not fade. The thrill that Joan had throughout the races has now inspired her to pursue other hobbies.

Even though he now employs customized cars to stay in the racing world, the driver’s greatest inspiration in life was found in the cheetah’s claws. Because she had raised the cat since he was a kitten, Joan knew how to gain his trust. The animal acts like any other pet, despite its size.


Some may find the man’s decision to live with this partner extravagant and dangerous, but the two share a strong bond. Joan is unable to leave the house since her cheetah is everywhere.

The father is kind to the cat despite the animal’s strength and size, and this was seen in a touching video that the man posted to his Instagram and that stunned everyone.

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