A stray puppy became trapped behind a gate and screamed until he passed out.

When he was discovered abandoned and trapped under an iron fence in a woodland next to a private property, a puppy litter was saved from imminent death.

A Good Samaritan saw the little puppy squashed beneath an iron fence, struggling to breathe and famished and dehydrated. He was malnourished and horribly afflicted with severe mange, a parasitic skin condition.

He brought the injured puppy to the neighborhood veterinarian’s office, where first aid and food are given to him as animal lovers attempt to help the dog recover completely.

The veterinarian assured the owner that although the dog had minor wounds, he would recover just fine with proper nutrition and loving care.

Since the man who saved him decided to love him and had another litter of puppies, the sad dog was able to find the ideal home, a devoted owner, and a pleasant companion.

We wish him the very best and are grateful to this wonderful man for rescuing and adopting this innocent creature.

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