After surgery, a veterinarian cradles a terrified and crying rescue puppy like a baby.

Meesha, a small puppy, was terrified and shaken. She had literally just finished a treatment, and the strange sensation coursing through her body was terrifying.
Little Meesha started to whimper and wail as the anaesthetic gradually began to wear off. She had no idea that she was in very capable hands, writes

The staff at Baltimore’s BARCS Animal Shelter is incredibly compassionate and loving. The sanctuary’s volunteers and veterinarians are among the best in the world, and all creatures that come through its doors receive first-rate treatment

BARCS spays and neuters the animals that enter its system in order to significantly better assist the population of roaming animals. They simultaneously engage the neighborhood to aid in finding each animal a permanent home.

One of the animals that underwent that grueling procedure was little Meesha. She was unaware that she was still under the loving shelter group’s care. Meesha did not have anything to worry about, though.

Dennis Moses, a surgical assistant, grabbed up Meesha as soon as he heard the puppy crying and began sobbing with her. Thankfully, a spectator caught this amazing moment on camera.

Here is a video of surgical assistant Dennis Moses comforting Meesha, a terrified and upset rescue dog, following surgery.

Meesha receives lots of kisses from the physicians to help her feel less stressed and anxious. It’s cute how he rocks her back and forth to soothe her down.

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