Puppy forced out of home for being sick, hangs head in embarrassment

Many times when we interact with dogs or cats, we completely forget that they are also creatures with dignity, writes toancanh24h

Pets also deserve respect and appropriate treatment , which is why mistreatment and neglect are unforgivable.

Sick, weak and ashamed, Sardinha refused to look up

Specifically in the case of families who are not able to make a long-term commitment to their pets to provide them with basic needs, such as health, food and affection , today we have the case of a puppy that was found wandering around Brazil.

The puppy was found on the streets looking the worst you can imagine , but the most unique thing to see was how he hung his head in shame.

It is as if he does not feel worthy of the life of a normal dog . He was completely depressed, but a good Samaritan took him in and took him to a local rescue group in Brazil.

There they called it Sardinha. Locals explained that the dog had been kicked out of his own house when he fell ill . With scabies, worms and an eye infection, he needed a lot of care. And when he raised his head to make eye contact with the veterinary staff, it was a great first step!

Look at the evolution of poor Sardinha once he was cruelly thrown into the streets

What fault could Sardinha have for having gotten sick? In principle, if he had received adequate care he would not be going through that and the people responsible for his health were the same ones who, once he needed them more than ever, turned their backs on him, throwing him out on the streets.

A woman who loves dogs and has helped rescues in the past heard about Sardinha and called the rescue.

His condition was worrying and outrageous

He offered to foster the sweet pup while working on getting him to trust people and live the life of a normal pet. And it wouldn’t be long…

After a few days Sardinha was outside playing and chasing after her toys! That wag of the tail was truly a sight.

It was shortly after that a family noticed the dog and applied to adopt him! He got the forever home that he truly deserved.
Fortunately for Sardinha, he received the help he needed just in time . She imagines how many animals, like him, wait for that helping hand and extend their lives on the streets, like homeless people, waiting for a little help. It is a sad reality that must end.
Sardinha is not even the shadow of that sad and downcast puppy that they found in the streets

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