Scared of rescuers, dog protects younger sister with his larger body

Rescue organization Hope for Paws recently received a call regarding two dogs living under the I-5 freeway in California. So naturally, the volunteers sprung to work right after the call.

The founder of Hope for Paws, Eldad, accompanied his friend Vanessa Enriquez in the rescue. They found the dogs under the tunnel and decided to block one end. Then the two drove to the other side of the freeway and crawled through the tunnel.

The poor poodles had struggled to survive in the sewer for several weeks. As soon as the dogs heard the footsteps of the volunteers, they ran away and hid in a corner. However, the rescuers soon found them.

The brother did not know their intentions, and covered his sister to protect her. The rescuers tried to win them over by giving them a hamburger, but the dogs refused to touch the food. This showed how scared both of them were of the humans.

The kind rescuers patiently dealt with the situation. Eldad and Vanessa sat in the tunnel and tried to gain the female poodle’s trust. Finally, both of them sat in a pile of dust and tried to pet the dog.

Now that the poodle siblings knew they could trust the humans, they were ready to leave with them. However, it was a long journey, and the brother was really protective about his sister and wanted to be sure she was safe.

The dogs were taken to the shelter, cleaned, shaved, and fed. Then both of them were given a bath. The two dogs were pleased with their new home. The two of them were named Pepsi and Cola during the makeover.

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