А dеаf mаn аdорts а dеаf рuррy frоm а shеItеr аnd tеасhеs him sign Iаnguаgе.

Being born deaf made it difficult for Maine native Nick Abbott to make friends. But after he met Emerson, a puppy with similar hearing issues, everything changed. Since then, the two have been best friends for life!

Emerson was only six weeks old when he was seized from a Florida shelter by the North Florida Rescue of Maine. Emerson is a sweet black Lab mix. When he arrived, he was admitted to the hospital because he was having seizures. But as soon as he was well again, he was added to the adорtion waiting list. In order to improve Emerson’s chances of finding a forever home, the rеscuе organization also posted a few pictures of him on Facebook.

Emerson is still waiting for his forever home, according to a Facebook post by Lindsay Powers from the NF Rescue of Maine. Please continue to shаrе; this adorable youngster deserves a forever home.

Nick asked Lindsay some questions and set up a meeting right after seeing the Facebook post. It came out that he and the deaf puppy had fallen in love right away.

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