Тhis is Сhаtа, thе Instаgrаm-fаmоus kittеn whо sIеерs Iikе а humаn.

All cat lovers are aware that cats adore sleeping more than anything else.

They will nap whenever they wish, whether during the day, at night, during lunch, and even in the morning. On our beds, floors, faces, laptops, and pretty much anywhere else they can fit.

And while the laptop could be an exception, we couldn’t be happier about that since a sleeping cat is one of the most endearing sights imaginable.

And one small kitty has just made sleeping sweeter than ever!

Chata, a tiny kitten, has developed a really unique and charming sleeping position in which he lays flat on his back likе a tiny person.

Chata is so adorably adorable that when images of him dozing off on Instagram were shаrеd, they rapidly went viral.

This little bundle of joy has left us speechless, therefore it goes without saying that we had to gather some gorgeous pictures for you.

The fact that Chata insisted on lying on his back makes him even cuter.

The cute kitten appears to be mimicking human sleeping behavior.

Whenever and wherever he does sleep, he does so flat on his back.

Maybe he’s always waiting to pounce at any moment!

Chata and his sister Chava have a lot of fun together.

But after their crazy escapades, they’ll need to rest their weary heads for a while.

Those tiny toes would make us want to reach out and touch them.

But he seems completely at ease. We don’t want to wake him up and disturb his beauty rest.

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