35 Marvelous Maine Coon Cats That Make Our Ordinary Cats Appear To Be Kittens!

In truth, the title for the longest cat in the 2010 guinness international statistics was held with the aid of a cat of this breed. His call is stewie, who measured forty eight. Five in (123 cm) from the tip of his nostril to the end of his tail. Male maine coon cats can weigh up to 35 lb (15. Nine kg). The origins of the maine coon, but, are shrouded in thriller. Although genetically impossible, one myth holds that this is the end result of breeding between cats and raccoons.

Every other states that marie antoinette, the queen of france, tried to escape execution with her preferred turkish angora cats. Whilst she didn’t make it to america, the cats supposedly landed at the shores of wiscasset, maine, in which they started to breed. This could also provide an explanation for why this breed is called maine. Mine is a bit smaller with same colours, simplest a year or two antique (we were given him off the street) and he is already just about larger that my friends full grown tabby, stated edvinkuric.

This seems like something out of a storybook54, stated brianjansen. I think i would be frightened of them… ^^ if they may be as brief and agile and moody as normal sized cats.. Yikes, said florentinalestaru. No longer a persian, be aware the elongated snout and the distinguished “m” coloring on his forehead. Definitely a maine coon, stated danpeterson.

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