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My Story

          I am a single digit handicap golfer who has played as a cross handed golfer all my life. Every swing. Every club. I write with my right hand, but I was a lefty at birth. My Italian mother believed, as many other old Italian women do, that the devil is in the left hand. So she corrected this affliction of left-handedness I was born with and subsequently began my crosshanded golf career. I picked up the game when my friend gave me a set of clubs that belonged to his grandfather. They were dusty, rusty, and the grips were partially melted from years of sitting in a hot moldy shed. But they were mine and I loved them. However, they were righty clubs. I gripped it the way that felt natural to me and away I went. I didn't play much as a child. A few times my friends and I would go to the now deceased par 3 course of Stony Brook golf course in Framingham, Massachusetts. They didn't seem much better at the game than I was, so I ignored their jeers of "You're holding the club wrong." I don't think I made a single bogey, never mind par. But I enjoyed it.

          Once I was out of school, married, and with a job that left me with days off during the work week, I looked for something to do while my wife was at work. I started playing golf again with my old trusty grip I developed as a 12 year old. I was bitten by the golf bug after just 2 or 3 rounds. I was playing every chance I could. I played by myself a lot. Mostly because there was no one else playing golf during the weekdays. Once in a while I would join up with another group and I would hear the old familiar snickering comments about me holding the club wrong. At that time I couldn't break 110. When you are chasing your golf ball all around the course while other people tell you that you are making a fundamental error in the way you are holding your club, you tend to doubt yourself. So after a year or two of terrible golf, I decided that I would try to become a lefty. I bought new lefty clubs, spent the entire winter hitting balls on the range as a lefty, and even paid 150 dollars for an hour long lesson as a lefty with a pro at the local fancy country club. At the end of the lesson, the pro looked at me and said; "you ever think about bowling?" Now some people I tell that story to, get upset and think that guy was being a jerk. I look at that brutally honest pro's comment as the defining moment in my golf career. That was when I threw away all doubt of which grip I would use from then on.

          The problem I found with being a cross handed golfer, is that there is very little instructional material on this wide world of the web for those of us with the cack-handed swing. I love reading Golf, Golf Digest, Golfweek, and any other golf publication I can get my hands on. But good luck finding a cross handed golfer in any golf publication. I have followed the careers of a few of my fellow cross handers whom have acquired some fame in their golf career. Josh Broadaway, Patrick Welch, and Will Lowry to name a few. Each one has contributed something to my golf game just from me observing them play. But despite the fact that there are cross handed golfers on TV and I have played with many other cross handers in my life, I still can't find much in the way of instruction or content on cross handed players. That is why I have built this website. I am not in this to promote myself as a golfer or as a business, I just want to provide the website that I have been searching for during the past 15 years of my golf career.