Men risk their lives to s.ave a bear whose head is stuck in a bucket.

A group of men risked their own safety in order to help a wild bear whose head became stuck in a steel bucket.

A minimum of 9 men are seen gathered around a bear by the side of the road in a rescue video that user u/Ddusco posted on Reddit.

The bear was attempting to free itself when its head was impaled tightly in a metal pail. The men made the decision to take action rather than waiting for nature to take its course.

They approached the bear and got the bucket to take it off despite the danger they were putting their own lives and health at risk. The bear had to be freed by five men because it wasn’t simple.

The bear rolled and knocked at them as they drew, but the men continued and eventually managed to free the enormous beast.

Although releasing the bear was their ultimate goal, doing so also put them at risk because, once free, it might easily attack any of them.

That being the case, the soldiers bolted from the bear as soon as its head was loose. They literally fled for their lives!

Thank goodness, no one was hurt, and the bear lived to see another day—and hopefully many more.

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